Emerson College Finance

Excel-based Banner to Workday Crosswalk (FOAPAL to Worktags)

Please navigate to the following BOX folder to find resources to assist in the transition of our chart of accounts (COA) from Banner FOAPAL to Workday worktags.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the drop downs and selection options found within the excel file  "Banner Workday COA Crosswalk - GOLD.xlsx" will only work on a Windows-Based computer, it will not work on a MAC.

Please use the other Excel files found on the BOX folder if you are a MAC user

"Banner Account to Workday Expense Item.xlsx"
"Banner Account to Workday Spend Category.xlsx"
"Banner Account to Workday Revenue Category.xlsx"
"Banner FOAPAL to Workday Project.xlsx"
"Banner ORG to Workday Cost Center.xlsx"
"Banner Grant to Workday Grant.xlsx"
"Banner Gift to Workday Gift.xlsx"
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