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Purchase Card (PCard)

Pcard transactions are reconciled in workday by creating an expense report: ACCESS WORKDAY » 

A College purchasing card or PCard is a credit card, granted to authorized users, that the College issues through a banking institution and that the College pays directly.  PCards are intended for travel and for small-dollar, infrequent transactions.  PCards should rarely be used to make purchases from payment systems that do not provide on the PCard statement visibility into the item(s) that was purchased (e.g., PayPal, Google Wallet, etc.).  If such a system is the only way the supplier accepts payment, detailed receipts showing the final supplier and item details must be provided.

The PCard may be used when a supplier does not accept a Purchase Order and when buying goods or services not available through Internal Service Providers or College Contracts.  The cardholder is accountable for all purchases made on his or her card and must load all required receipts into Workday.  Cardholders or their delegates must expense PCard transactions monthly and secure the appropriate College approval(s).

Cardholders should contact Procurement Services as needs arise or are identified for 1) purchases to any one supplier or for any one good or service for $5,000 or more; 2) more than $25,000 in purchases of any good or service in one year; or 3) more than six purchases of any good or service in a year.  Procurement Services will assist the cardholder in determining if another procurement method is more appropriate.

Cardholders are responsible to make sure Massachusetts sale taxes are not included.  The Tax Exempt number is included on the front of every PCard.

The forms below are designed to assist with your PCard experience. Please send completed forms to purchasing@emerson.edu.

PCard Application
PCard Agreement
PCard Maintenance Form
PCard Missing Receipt Declaration

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